Articles for August 2017

Emerging Trends in Canadian Real Estate

The real estate market in Canada is set to experience phenomenal changes this year as it is hit with a lot of development and equally as massive troubles. Markets such as those of Toronto are starting to overheat because the increase in demand is a bit too much for present supply factors to match even in the long run. However, there are many other concerns which are emerging in the market, and if you look at it from an investor’s point of view, it is highly recommended that you read this article. For example Peter and Adelaide Condos launching is toronto set to add 900 units to the high rise community.

  1. Rise in Urban Communities

Experts have blatantly stated that Canadians can expect the number of people residing in urban areas to rise as time goes on, but this time the growth has a particular trend to it.  For example Zen King West by CentreCourt is one such community.

It is being expected that urban communities will be on the rise and the planning of the towns will have to be sufficient enough to cater to those demands of specific communities which represent cultures. Very soon the real estate market might be dominated with communities separated on the basis of culture, religion and class, and the price of property will follow suit.

  1. Affordability

Builders and contractors have realized that there is a lot of business in Canada if you provide neighborhoods with housing opportunities, but the problem is that these new houses are well beyond the reach of the average Canadian or foreigners who decided to move in recently. If these residential apartments and bungalows in the major cities of the country begin to fall out of the reach of majority of the buying population in the country, one can expect the crisis of housing to escalate.

This means that if you buy a new property in a commercial city in Canada, there is certainly no guarantee that the price will grow in the upcoming years because the purchasing power seems to be changing asymmetrically with the cost of housing.

  1. Technology Barriers

As far as investing is concerned, you cannot be a successful investor if you do not pay attention to the online buying and selling of properties that has stormed Canada. In this age, anyone who does not keep up with technology tends to miss out on great opportunities, which is why hiring a real estate agent for the sake of investing or even moving to a new place is very important; you never know your own place’s worth.